Sáhaar (Sahar Khosrojerdi)

Sáhaar’s art is anything but conventional. Upon looking at her paintings, we are instantly transported into another dimension, detached from the earthly realm. 

Sáhaar finds beauty in three-dimensionality and geometric form, having studied as an architect for several years, and has a sophisticated grasp of perspective that forms a foundation for her images. Her love for nature also permeates her paintings. Creatures appear in the foreground of works, angular and unusual to the ordinary eye, set in a barren landscape. It is not a reflection of the world, but a conception liberated from logic and rationality. 

Sáhaar’s paintings retain an equilibrium that creates tension between the viewer and the artist. The eye is drawn to assiduous detail, the natural crevasses rendered with a competent realism appear to be suspended somewhere between velocity and an inherent serenity. There is chaos and there is calm, like the silent moment before detonation. In her own words: “this dreamy world is a platform for creating new hyper-realms that are able to release our subconscious from its limitations.”