Gerardo Lo Russo

Gerardo Lo Russo was born in Trevico Vallesaccarda (Av) in 1948. He attended the course of Sculpture with Di Fiore and with Fazzini, and in 1969 he published “Cosùs” a one-wheel cartoon in “L’Automobile of Aci”. Lo Russo is a sculptor, painter, graphic designer and writer, who has been a member of commissions for awards and competitions and has created expertise for public and private entities.

Lo Russo has exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions including in Paris, Geneva, Venice, Florence, Chongqing, Chengdu, and Shanghai and has participated in cultural and international events in Egypt, Azerbaijan, Turkey and China. He designed and curated travelling exhibitions of painting and sculpture by Italian artists on the Silk Road and Luxor.

As president of the AIGA, he opened the confrontation between the ancient and the modern by exhibiting engraving works by Callot, Vasi, Pinelli, Piranesi, Rossini, and Della Bella. With AIGA he promoted “Word and Sign” at Palazzo Braschi sponsored by the Municipality of Rome; “Twenty Years of Original Engravings” at Palazzo Venezia sponsored by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and at the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions; he presented an Arci stand-workshop at the I Tevere Expo.

He collaborated with the 2RC-Vigna Antoniana for the Graphic Art editions of the masters Afro, Battaglia, Bill, Burri, Dorazio, Capogrossi, Chagall, Consagra, Cordio, Corpora, Manzù, Matta, Mirko, Mirò, Moore, Novelli, Pasmore, Pepper, Perilli, Picasso, Pomodoro, Porzano, Richter, Rotko, Ruta, Santomaso, Scialoja, Scarpa, Smith, Soto, Vasarelly, Vedova, Verne.

In 1976 he opened the printmaking school in Via del Foro Piscario 36 Rome in which works by numerous contemporary artists including Mastroianni, Monachesi, Montanarini, Trubbiani, Trotti, Solendo, Turchiaro, Cascella, Turcato, Berto, Sempé, Weinberg, Dragutescu were edited. In the school printshop the first issues of the satirical newspaper “I Quaderni del Sale” later to become “Il Male” were experimented with Pino Zac.

In 1985/89 he founded the Montecelio Institute, the first school of Public Communication established in Italy, which recorded favourable speeches including that of Umberto Eco. He was appointed Director of the Montecelio Institute by the Scientific Committee, composed of Argan, Cristini, Massironi, Pistone, Salvi, Strazza, and Velly. He has taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro, Foggia and Rome. Lo Russo was a member of the Olympic Arts Committee at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. In 2007/2013 he directed the Fine Arts Academy of Rome. He was a component for the selection of young artists at the 54th Venice Biennale 2011 run by Vittorio Sgarbi. In 2013 he founded the Accademia Dei Romani. 

He has created numerous logos including that of the Guidonia – Cape Canaveral twinning. Lo Russo has conducted professional training courses in “Computer Graphic” for ALST; for Time Vision in Salerno. He has supervised the participation of students in competitions for the design of logos and coordinated images: Telenorba-Miglior Logo Aziendale, 4 Rioni di Ladispoli, Scagherrak, Adobe Creative Trip, Miur- Settimana delle Arti, Alianti Award, ASI Logo, March 8: Consulta Donna logo.

He has published the didactic text “Signs of the Times” Ediz. della Cometa – Veligraf Rome 1995; the novel “Rose of Egypt” 2010 Ediz. Bora-Vittoria; the catalogue “Spatial Sculptures” Ediz. Accademia Dei Romani 2020; the novel “The Great Cruise” – BookSprint Edizioni 2021; “The Old Servant of Truth” Rome 2022- La Lepre editrice. He has been an honorary member of the Academy of Russia since 2011.

Portento, ceramic, 63x54x32cm