Zhou Zhiwei plays with imagination in an inspiration without time, poetically filtered in a dimension where time runs fast and dematerialises reality. Music, nature, colour and the human body are the elements Zhou Zhiwei uses to express his vision of reality.
After the Academy of Fine Art, he attended the ateliers of great Italian masters such as Pietro Annigoni and Riccardo Tommasi Ferroni . He held several exhibitions.
The well known Italian art critic Mario De Micheli wrote about him

“The entire plot of his work is rich in imagination and skill, expertise and experience . He discloses his technical and poetical secrets without difficulty, because, in fact, they are not secret: they are absolutely evident. In other words he paints with extreme simplicity. Without betraying culture he always gets inspiration from the truth of nature and from the myths that enrich the world. Images, inventions, creative flair and fantasy accompany him. That is how he lives and paints.”

The virgin forest in a remote valley of central China where lakes and waterfalls attract a large quantity of birds


Stefano Puleo is a London based Italian artist who creates bright modern compositions that are absolutely rich in Mediterranean colors. Interested in tried and true subjects, Puleo combines female nudes in classic poses with a variety of scenes including crowded rooms with distorted perspectives, as well as bathers in the wilderness. Puleo’s skill with color and composition is absolutely amazing, calling to mind masters of the past such as Picasso and Cézanne in their prime. His landscapes, in particular, contain a refreshing familiarity with the Fauvist technique while retaining a feeling of uniqueness. Although his preferred medium is oil paint, Puleo branches out into acrylics, watercolors, pastels, and bronze. The beauty of harmonious signs, tone and against vibrant tones make further arcane his poetic message. Stefano Puleo is a master of silence and illusory.


Painter of glaring dream derivation. Only in appearance, in the center of the Sicilian artist’s interests there is a constant portrayal of the man, the woman, and the interpersonal silences, where the riddle of an existential condition lives.

He also addresses the nature and the landscape through a visionary force that distances him from reality and brings him closer to the fairy tale. The beauty of harmonious signs, tone and against vibrant tones make further arcane his poetic message.

Stefano Puleo is a master of silence and illusory, without giving up, with this, to make a sweet gift to the people and to his land.


Vallazza can express with new modalities the sentiment for Nature, the peace of mind, the solitary and contemplative detachment, which is not misled by false appearances. His nowadays sculptures are the poetic conclusion of a series of negations that have moved him away from the figurative mannerism of craft origins.

Adolf has slowly found himself in the images of a forgotten and lost world, which has secretly survived in his subconscious, waiting to be born again in the most mysterious and fascinating aspects of his sculptures, set free from the incrustations of a timeless moment.

His truth is a conquer, due to a spiritual experience, humbly inspired by the love for wood sculpture, and humbly carried out in the solitude of a mountain village, as if nowadays world was just a science-fiction foolish invention.



“My paintings and in a way even my nudes reflect and question the social-political landscape of our world. I thrive on impregnating the viewer’s mind and understanding to go ahead and try connecting with the work through experiencing aesthetic qualities beyond the apparent naked form, or to continually reminding them that there is a darker more sinister concept embedded within images which at first glance seem harmless, aesthetically pleasing and even beautiful. To challenge them to discern how deeply into the work they would care to travel.”

Marzabotto 1944 Historical Nostagia Series 2016, mixed media, 150x200cm
Marzabotto 1944 Historical Nostagia Series 2016, mixed media, 150x200cm

Lucy Seligman


Lucy captures moments in time with her vivid use of colour. She abstracts reality with a belief that there is more than meets the eye and draws her viewers in to see beyond the obvious.

Her works are spiritual and connected to something greater than what we can see. She depicts scenes of nature with a flowing motion of changing qualities, capturing the energy of the environment, glimmering light into the journey of life.

Loch Fannich Boats 2019, oil on canvas 60x90cm
Loch Fannich Boats 2019, oil on canvas 60x90cm