Stefano Puleo

1950 – 1970

Stefano Puleo was born on 29 May 1950, in Acitrezza, a seaside village in the province of Catania. In 1960 he first approaches the painting, when he gets to see works by great masters such as Guttuso, Migneco, Barbaro, Mirabella, and many others who participated in the Acitrezza Prize. Two years later the family moves to Catania and enrolls in the Artistic Lyceum of the same city. In 1965 Stefano Puleo moved to a room in Via Crociferi in cohabitation with three other friends of his, a painter, an architect, and a graphic designer. He begins to create his first graphic works and sculptures. His artistic debut dates back to One year later by exhibiting in group shows and participating in numerous awards. His first solo exhibition is at the G7 Gallery in Catania in 1970. The same year he visits several European cities, like Berlin and Dresden, stopping for a period in Oslo where he gets to know the works of E. Munch, but it is the whole historical period of expressionism that will attract his interest. He soon moves to a new studio.

Two Figures In The Cafe, 2020,oil on linen, 120x100cm


In 1972 he exhibited one hundred drawings at the Zelantea Academy in Acireale. He met the gallerist – merchant Mauro Lombardo, the year later, with whom he began a partnership that in 1974 led him to create an exhibition with 40 drawings at the La Vite gallery and in the following two years, over 30 engravings, part of which are exhibited at the Underground Gallery in Giarre. He was appointed assistant to the chair of Pictorial Disciplines at the Artistic Lyceum of Catania. He started traveling in Italy, carrying the canvases rolled up under your arm, visiting the most important galleries. He meets the bookseller-gallerist Bruno Ghelfi in Verona with whom he establishes a working relationship and friendship.

In 1976 he exhibited paintings, drawings, and sculptures at the La Vite gallery in Catania and at the Volto S. Luca Gallery in Verona, where he met Dario Nava, industrialist-patron, who will purchase a hundred drawings on display and with whom he will establish a close friendship and become his merchant.

In 1980 he was called by Giuseppe Fava to collaborate in the editorial staff of the Giornale del Sud, creating drawings of political satire and grotesque satyr for the newspaper. The same personal year at the La Vite gallery in Catania and at the Ghelfi gallery in Verona. He obtained the chair of Pictorial Disciplines at the Artistic Lyceum of Catania.

Glimpse of the lake, 2020, oil on linen, 160x200cm


He exhibited in 1981 at the Gregoriana gallery in Rome and at the Lo Scudo gallery in Verona, where the folder “Il Circo” was presented with a presentation by J. P. Jouvet of the Gibralfaro editions. The folder of etchings “Homage to Rudy de Cadaval” written by Domenico Cara is published by the editions La Vite di Catania. Participates in the Ibla Mediterraneo Award and is reported to the New Generation Award.

The year later, in 1982, he does a solo exhibition at the S. Luca Gallery in Verona and Ghelfi Montecatini, where the monograph of paintings “Stefano Puleo” from the Ghelfi editions of Verona is presented. Personal exhibition of paintings, drawings, and engravings in 1983 at the S. Luca Gallery in Verona. The year later he exhibits at the Expo Arte in Bari and eventually, in 1985, a solo exhibition at the La Vite gallery in Catania.

In 1986 Stefano Puleo exhibits at the Ghelfi gallery in Verona where the monograph “Stefano Puleo Acquarelli”, published by the Ediarte of Milan and edited by Dario Colnago Nava, is presented. A show in progress, his merchant and friend Dario Nava dies. In 1987 he presented with a solo show at the Bidart in Bergamo.

Al Café 2008, oil on linen, 150x200cm
Al Caffé 2008, oil on linen, 150x200cm


In 1991 the monograph “Stefano Puleo” of the La Vite editions of Catania is published with a text by Dario Macchi. The same year Stefano Puleo was present at the IV Bidart in Bergamo. He gets to know the gallery owner Giuliano Faustini with whom he will establish a great friendship. The year later he does a solo show at the Faustini gallery in Florence, at the Meridiana gallery in Verona, at 10 galleries in Maratea, at the Marconi Gallery in Forte Dei Marmi, at the Meceden gallery in Milazzo. The Municipality of Laives (BZ) promotes a solo exhibition curated by the Faustini gallery in Florence.

In 1993 Stefano Puleo was present at the Bologna Art Fair and at the Bari Art Expo. He met the merchants – gallery owners Gianni Guarneri and Antonio La Gioia. With Antonio La Gioia an intense partnership is born and a great friendship relationship. The year later, he does a solo exhibition at Palazzo Fizzarotti in Bari, at the Mediarte Art Gallery in Rome, at the Il Pozzo gallery in Bellinzona. In 1996 Stefano Puleo does a solo exhibition at the Marconi Gallery in Forte Dei Marmi, Faustini gallery in Florence, La Vite gallery in Catania.

In 1998 solo exhibition at the Ars Italica gallery in Milan, at the ex Chiesa del Carmine in Taormina, in the Church of Santacroce in Brisighella. Traveling collective “Sicily is an archipelago” Rome, New York, Palermo, and Messina. A year later his personal exhibitions were organized at the Benedictine Convent in Alghero, at the Ramundo gallery in Vasto, at the Perlini gallery in Reggio Calabria, at the Expo Arte in Bari. Invited to the event ‘A model for art’ Riccione, Stefano Puleo receives the City of Riccione Award. In 2000 he does a solo exhibition at the Art Expo in New York, at the Tesion Telekommunikation in Stuttgart, at the Galerie 4 in Freiburg. 

Il Villaggio, The village
The Village 2019, oil on canvas, 130x160 cm

From 2000 on

In 2002 Stefano Puleo was awarded the Pulchra Ecclesia Prize, an art exhibition for the sacred space in Montichiari (BS), and the International Carthage Award in Hammamet (Tunis). In 2003 Stefano Puleo does a personal exhibition at Palazzo dei Normanni, Palermo and two years later he does a solo exhibition at the Sangiorgio gallery, Milan. In 2006 he participated in the Luxury & Yachts Fair in Verona, Nonsolotarli in Rome, Antiques in Bari in Bari, Cremona antiquarian in Cremona. A year later he holds his Personal exhibition at Palazzo Robellini by the Municipality of Acqui Terme – Acqui Terme and in Brussels the seat of the European Parliament. In 2008 he does a solo exhibition at the Piemonte Artistico Culturale Torino art gallery – Mondadori catalog. A year later he does a personal exhibition “The suspended reality” by prof. Carlo Franza, at the Circolo della Stampa in Milan with the catalog of Silvia Editrice. The same year he won the “Prize of Arts and Culture” in Milan. The “Catalog of Modern Art” is concluded and published by Giorgio Mondadori with the classification AC: High critical interest. In 2010 he holds a personal exhibition at the “Castel dell’Ovo” in Naples, with SanGiorgio editions catalog and a critical text by Francesco Gallo. In the same year, Stefano Puleo joins the Movement of the Arcana founded by the art critic Paolo Levi.

In 2011 he receives the “William II Prize” and one of his works is acquired by the Sciortino museum in Monreale. The same year he does an exhibition “Seduction” – collectors paintings – curated by Paolo Levi at the Eden Fine Art Gallery in New York. A year later the National Museum of LVIV (Ukraine) acquires a work of his to be permanently exhibited in the new pavilion on contemporary Italian art. The same year he Exhibits “Rome – Jerusalem – an arcane spiritual path”  curated by Paolo Levi at the “Teatro dei Dioscuri” at the Quirinale in Rome. Stefano Puleo holds an exhibition at the UN building, (Human Contrasts- the masterpieces of Italian art).

Another exhibition is held at the National Gallery in White Plains-Artwestchester in New York. In 2013 he exhibits at the Venice Art Biennale- collateral Overplay and at the “Palazzo Granafei – Narvegna” in Brindisi. He also holds an exhibition at the GRM Law in London. In 2014 he does a group exhibition, “Social realism in the land of the three seas”, with Guttuso,  and Migneco an exhibition of the Ticino banking society in Bellinzona (CH). Stefano Puleo does another group exhibition, “Novecentismi”, with Migneco, Rolfi, and Sironi in the Museo Stadio di Domiziano in Rome in 2016. In 2019 he was present at the Art Expo in New York.

The Proof 2020, oil on linen 180x200 cm
A Couple at the Park 2020, oil on linen, 160x130 cm
Country Paths 2020, oil on linen, 60x80 cm
Figures, 2020, oil on linen, 80x100cm