Stefano Puleo

Stefano Puleo’s art embodies the spirit of the Mediterranean. Characteristically textured, boldly outlined, and intoxicatingly vibrant, his works are instantly recognizable and are infused with a vitality that is whole-heartedly uplifting. Following the same creative process as the masters who influenced him, the artist’s classical training is evident in the framework that provides the foundations for visually compelling and flawlessly executed compositions. 

Puleo’s landscapes are not topographically accurate; the meandering paths and slanted roofs are an amalgamation of different perspectives coalescing in one image. However, the beauty of Puleo’s work is his ability to capture the essence. He infuses the landscape with vibrant color and an energy that reflects the spirit of the towns he depicts, and the conflation of various perspectives makes them visually engaging. His fabricated landscapes tread the thin line between reality and the imaginary, the warm light envelops the viewer with a sense of tranquillity. 

Similarly, Puleo’s figures are not real. Gazing upon the faces we realize they are drawn from a classical standard. At the same time, however, they are idiosyncratic to the artist. Depicted with sensitivity and ingenuity, the women depicted are recognizably Puleo; sublimated symbols of female nature that are captivating and lyrical, intrinsically sensual. 

This is where the magic of Puleo’s work resides: his visionary power breathes fresh life into the traditional subject matter and recognizable landscapes that make them wholly unique. Indeed, in a world full of mundane domesticity and the dull every day, Puleo’s art is resolutely optimistic: it is the joy of flamboyance.