Sara Ishaya Audu

Saratu Ishaya Audu is an artist and a lawyer who lives and works in London. She was ten years old when her family left Nigeria, after a military coup. His father worked as a Minister of External Affairs of Nigeria from 1979 to 1983.

In 2019 she took time out of the legal world to do a master in PPE and write and self publish an ebook: it explains how the power and wisdom of God reside in all men regardless of religion or race, and how with the use of your imagination and feelings you can control your external surroundings.

In the same year, she began to stop paint for herself and to share her art with the world.

During the first lockdown, she started to paint full-time.

“Art for me is enjoyable because it is a heart exercise. I am often painting about lessons in life that I am learning and would love others to learn because of the freedom this has given me.  I paint about forgiveness, (the return of the prodigal son), loving and helping each other and lifting up our neighbors, (watering Gods Garden), leaving behind one’s lower self and living from the higher self, the self of love, honesty, integrity, and service to mankind.”